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Worry-free, Amipure

100% good for your skin

Worry-free, Amipure

We make it slow and safe.

The manufacture of Amipure takes twice as much time and cost as a general cosmetic product.

It is because we insist not to use any chemical preservatives or sterilizers.

Just like preparing food for kids, Amipure makes healthy products that can be used by anyone regardless of age even when the manufacture process takes time.

We put only necessary ingredients in our products.

Quality is always more important than quantity, and the same applies to cosmetic manufacturing. Because skin has self-repairing power, the focus should be put on ingredients that can rebuild cell barrier damaged by the environment. Amipure selects safe ingredients that help skin regeneration and replenishment.

Harmful ingredients are excluded.

We use cosmetic products on our skin every day. Therefore, Amipure does not use artificial colors, fragrances, chemical preservatives and petroleum-based surfactants that have been added in majority of cosmetic products for longer shelf life. Artificial additives such as oils and alcohol are also excluded from Amipure’s products.

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