The pump of the meringue bubble cleanser doesn’t work.

Meringue Bubble Cleanser contains lots of polysaccharides for moisturizing.

If you have not used the cleanser for 3~4 days or longer, the pump cleanser will be clogged up.

At this point you should not press the pump too hard as it might be permanently damaged.

You can immerse the pump in lukewarm water for a while to allow the foam cleanser stuck inside the pump to dissolve.

What is the routine for Amipure’s skincare line products?

Daytime Care

Toner - Moisturizer - Essence

Nighttime Care

Toner - Moisturizer - Night Serum

※ Instead of Essence and Night Serum, we recommend Whitening Essence and Whitening Night Serum if you are looking for whitening effect.

Intensive Care

Mask sheets and Syrup Pack are premium home aesthetic products that allow you to experience spa-level skincare at home.

Using them 2~3 times a week from time to time, they can provide hydration, nutrients, epidermis care and skin tone improvement.

Is it a must to refrigerate ampule products?

Amipure skincare ampule products do not include chemical preservatives and therefore must be refrigerated after opened.

It is recommended to use within the same day when opened, and 14 days if refrigerated. Unopened products can be stored at room temperature for up to 2 years.

(There may be differences depending on the condition of the refrigerator.)

What is amino acid cleansing material?

Amino acid cleansing material, which is the main ingredient of the above three products, is a weakly acidic and hypoallergenic cleanser that minimizes skin irritation.

Petroleum-based surfactants are extracted from petroleum to have excellent cleansing power. However, they breakdown protective film of skin and drain moisture of the skin during cleansing, and as a result skin can become stiff and dry after use.

However, amino acid cleansing materials used in Amipure’s products are extracted from the nature. It targets only the waste on skin to cleanse and do not damage the protective film of the skin; together with its moisturizing power, this cleanser will not cause skin dryness.

Are Amipure’s products suitable for sensitive skin?

The main ingredients of the Amipure cosmetics are protein and polysaccharide, which are the compositions of skin and moisturizing ingredient respectively.

Only EWG 1st graded ingredients are used without any petroleum-based chemical materials, oil, ethanol, artificial scent, artificial color, etc.. The products are also pH-balanced with pH value close to healthy skin, therefor they are safe to use by anyone.

Why does my skin become sticky after applying?

About 50% of the human body and skin is made of amino acids and saccharides, which are also the main ingredients of Amipure’s products.

Polysaccharides do not only moisturize skin, but also initiate the osmotic effect to expel waste and sebum from skin pores to make pores clean.

Polysaccharides (sugars) are sticky, however skin will adapt within 1~2 weeks. Start with a little amount of the product depending on skin condition, and gradually increase the usage amount. Your skin will get used to the products gradually.

What is “sterilized cosmetics products”?

Various chemical preservatives are commonly added to cosmetic products to allow longer shelf life.

Amipure skincare products are sterilized water-soluble cosmetics without any chemical preservatives. After filling the glass ampule bottles, we sterilize the bottles under high temperature and high pressure.

This is a similar process with sterilized milk and food cans to extend shelf life

※ Skincare ampule products should be refrigerated at below 5ºC when opened.

※ Use within 2 weeks when opened.